The PBM themes around which the conference wants to dedicate special attention in this edition, are defined below:

  1. Formulation and solution of PB Models

    This theme includes mathematical expressions (formulation) including multivariate and multiphase problems, solution techniques (analytical as well as numerical including parallel or GPU computing) for solving the population balance equations including convergence analysis of these schemes.

  2. Identification and uncertainty of PB Models (Validation)

    This theme includes model calibration (best suitable parameter estimation techniques, objective function definition), inverse problem strategies and model prediction uncertainty (uncertainty propagation).

  3. Optimization and control using PB Models

    This theme includes application of optimization techniques and process control strategies of PB models.

  4. Novel applications of PB Models (e.g. biological systems)

    This theme includes successful applications of population balances in industrial applications and the use of PBM in flowsheet models.

  5. PB Models and spatial heterogeneities

    This theme includes the use of PB Models in a spatial context, which can be through coupling with CFD Models (including moment methods) or the integration in less demanding compartmental models (in view of model reduction).