The wide application of population balances in fields as diverse as disease progression and understanding of biological systems, mining, control of wastewater treatment, nanoparticle synthesis processes, pharmaceutical industry and chemical processing industry with more than 50% material handled in particulate form have brought together in these conferences researchers interested in the framework of population balances, its extension to more complex systems, solution and simulation strategies, mono and multivariate size distribution dependent model based control action, etc.

The past five International Conferences on Population Balance Modeling, held at Kona (Hawaii, 2000), Valencia (Spain, 2004), Quebec (Canada, 2007), Berlin (Germany, 2010) and Bangalore (India, 2013) have stimulated the increasing interest and therefore continuation of this conference series.

The 6th International Conference on Population Balance Modeling (PBM 2018) aims to bring together researches and practitioners with diverse backgrounds to allow exchange of ideas across various sub-fields that use population balances, and to provide opportunities for researchers to identify new domains to expand into and new tools to use.